Lord Jeffery Amherst’s tour of duty in North America, 1758-1763

In 2016 the Amherst College Board of Trustees, under intense pressure from its students and faculty, determined to disassociate the College from Lord Jeffery Amherst, its mascot of over one hundred years.

The Board concluded that Lord Jeffery’s image had become too divisive and disruptive. Indeed it had, and the President and Trustees were right to remove the mascot, as he no longer is, and cannot be a unifying symbol. We do not seek to challenge or overturn that decision. Rather, what we wish to achieve in this paper is to present a full and balanced scholarly history of the man. We do so in an attempt to correct the misimpression of many in our society who believe that Lord Jeffery Amherst was an inherent bigot who gladly practiced germ warfare against Native Americans. This is not what history tells us. Instead it is a far more complicated story.